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.Net Team Leader

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0718

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(195 days ago)

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  • Fluent with .NET Core.
  • Fluent with Asp.NET Core
  • Fluent with GIT
  • Has worked with any CI/CD tools
  • Able to manage pipelines
  • Understands enterprise Integration Design patterns
  • Good experience in messaging and streaming technologies
  • Good at solution design of solutions
  • Has good OOP principles
  • Good SOLID principles
  • Good Domain Driven Design experience
  • Experienced with various N-Tier application designs
  • Has good experience with the various programming design patterns such as the Factory Methods, Singleton, Unit of Work, Mediator …etc.
  • Solid data structures and algorithms background; when to use sequence containers, when to use associative containers, recursion, sorting algorithms, searching algorithms, trees, graphs …etc.
  • Knowledgeable about best-practices
  • Can write proper meaningful and helpful exceptions
  • Has good logging strategies
  • Understands interception techniques and Aspects Oriented Programming
  • Has good issue tracing techniques and root cause analysis
  • Can identify issues at networking-, load balancer-, server-, application- or database level.
  • Can see the bigger picture in a server or farm topology scenario
  • Follows standard naming conventions
  • Efficient coding with minimal LOC
  • Proper commenting
  • Descriptive naming
  • Intelligent use of various techniques such as recursion, polymorphism, lists or maps …etc.
  • Concurrent mind-set using asynchronous programming techniques and parallel programming
  • Modular mind-set
  • Good practice with Test-Driven Development
  • Experience with Unit testing concepts and practices
  • Experience with Integration tests
  • Experience with E2E tests is a plus
  • Fluent with Microsoft SQL server
  • Good relational DB design principles
  • Good troubleshooting techniques using SQL profiling, execution plans …etc.
  • Good performance-related concepts related to isolation levels, query optimization, indexing strategies …etc.
  • Experience with DB mappers and ORMs.
  • Good experience with IIS.
  • Solid web and http principles
  • Solid REST and SOAP experience
  • Excellent in dealing with json and XML formats and serializations
  • Knowledgeable about OWASP security top threads
  • Proficient with secure coding and proper exceptions handling
  • Experience in dealing with various security threats related to SQL Injection, XSS, Anti forgery, cookies, sessions …etc.
  • Knowledge in Docker
  • Understanding Docker-Compose
  • Understanding Kubernetes Ecosystem
  • Has good knowledge about various JavaScript frameworks/languages such as TypeScript, Angular, jQuery …etc.
  • Solid HTML skills
  • Good CSS knowledge
  • Is up-to-date about latest news about each development programming language, framework ...etc. that are used on daily basis; for example: what’s new in the upcoming .Net 6? What’s new in C# 9? …etc.
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