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Design Engineer - Civil & Electrical

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0714

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(218 days ago)

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  • Coordinate with Telecom implementation teams and to collect details of mismatch between approved civil design and actual installations at sites.
  • Coordinate with company's design team and to explain the required changes on design drawings / design documents.
  • Modify AutoCAD drawings / design drawings on behalf of company by rectifying the mismatch between original approved drawings and actual installations.
  • Print the rectified drawings by using available company's facilities (printers and papers etc) in case if electronic stamp is not allowed by company.
  • Submit rectified drawings / design to company and to obtain company's approval with stamp on updated drawings / design.
  • Provide rectified approved design / drawings to Telecom implementation team with no mismatch (Rectified drawings to be exactly same as per site installations / site info). Scan and archive rectified approved drawings for future reference on company's server.
  • Keep record of modifications, prepare tracker, update the reports and share with all stake holders on regular basis.
  • To work from company's as per requirement.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering or Electrical engineering.
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