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Software Consultant - SAS

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0696

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(294 days ago)

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  • Enhancing MI reports via Tableau software system with below detailed scope
  • Review all SAS codes/MI reports in COO area.
  • Group / categorize reports to identify common fields/data source.
  • Identify reports which can move to Tableau.
  • Gather any other reporting requirement from departments.
  • Implement IT change requirements for moving current MI reports to Tableau.
  • Implement changes required to ensure report and Data related to reports can be archived for reports moved to Tableau.
  • Potential solution implementation for interface with Teradata as well live system data for Tableau reports.
  • Some Technical requirements
  • Same data sources that being used for SAS should be on Teradata without any filters.
  • Convert SAS scripts to pure SQL scripts.
  • Grant access to users they were using same report before it moved to Tableau.
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