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Senior Security Technical Lead

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0672

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(509 days ago)

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Banking & Finance

  • Leading IT Security Projects as a Technical lead.
  • Aligned with Architecture team and support their Activities.
  • Planning and execution of IT security Enhancement Activities.
  • Working closely with SOC and Cybersecurity on the major activities and risk mitigation
  • Participating in all technical activities during the life cycle of any IT security project (POC, design, Solution, BOQ& RFP Build, technical evaluation, implementation, testing, and handover).
  • Managing the SOC assets (IT security controls) life cycle.
  • Minimum 7 years of experiences as an IT Security Professional Engineer.
  • Excellent knowledge of IT infrastructure and Network.
  • Working experience in the IT security design and planning.
  • Good knowledge of building Doc (HLD, LLD, and as build).
  • Working experience in building and maintaining IT security controls.
  • Good knowledge of security best practices and industry standards.
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