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Advisor - Enterprise PMO

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0629

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(563 days ago)

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Banking & Finance

  • Review and enhance current PMO governance practices in terms of methodology, policies, processes, templates, and reports. Suggested methodology must be detailed and covers aspects such as sub-portfolio management, program management, quality gates, etc.
  • Study current situation and suggest best EPMO structure and operating model.
  • Review and ensure quality of business cases.
  • Review and ensure quality of RFPs, as needed.
  • Review and provide feedback on vendor proposals in terms of IT aspects, as needed.
  • Provide support on initiative planning, prioritization, resource capacity planning.
  • Provide support on portfolio status tracking and reporting.
  • Review and ensure quality of data in PMO reports.
  • Ensure quality of assigned projects or programs in terms of plans, risk & issue management, dependency management…etc.
  • Provide support, insight, and transfer knowledge to PMO specialists and project managers.
  • Enhance benefit realization operating model.
  • Suggest enhancement to PMO system (Microsoft EPM).
  • Establish project knowledge management framework and processes.
  • Provide coaching and training sessions in project and program management when needed.
  • Improve alignment between Enterprise PMO and departmental PMOs as well as EPMO and interacting units such as Finance, Strategy, Process and Quality, Risk Management, Vendor Management, Change Management, IT, etc.
  • Define criteria and methodology for performance management for projects, vendors, and project managers.
  • Portfolio, program, and project governance (methodology, policies, processes, templates…).
  • Portfolio planning and reporting.
  • Portfolio, program, and project management.
  • Benefit realization management and reporting.
  • Information Technology.
  • Microsoft EPM tool.
  • Resource capacity planning.
  • Strategy execution.
  • Change management.
  • Vendor management.
  • Performance management.
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