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Contracts Manager - Operations Support

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0308

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(1110 days ago)

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  • Responsible for contract negotiation
  • Responsible for contract management
  • Responsible for PR management and PO monitor
  • Responsible for contract unscramble and knowledge transfer
  • Responsible for CR management
  • Managing commercial procurement and purchasing contracts of Manage Service with vendors and contractors
  • Partake in contract negotiations to ensure optimum benefits to the Company
  • Ensure all key contract deliverables, security and audit compliance, vendor performance management and escalations of disputes, legal and contractual matters are owned and followed through to a successful conclusion
  • Strategies and improvise contract management processes to complement the overall Company processes enhancement
  • Prepare monthly contract brief and hold meeting to transfer the knowledge to other staffs.
  • PR management and PO monitor.
  • Interface with related department, such as MKT, CMD etc keep good relationship with other department.
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