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Work Force Planning Specialist

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0267

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Oil & Energy

  • Responsible for leading and implementing a company-wide Strategic Workforce Planning.
  • Manage the formulation and development of SWP policies, methodologies, systems, tools, techniques, processes and procedures to support SWP "best practices".
  • Gain an excellent understanding of the company strategic plan and company-wide and individual business unit’s wise workforce requirements.
  • Extensive in-depth technical expertise in future demand and supply statistical modelling, data science, inferential statistics (forecasting, simulation etc) and strategy planning.
  • Lead the discussion with the business units and subsidiaries and gain agreement on demand and supply drivers, job clusters, job dimensions and work functions that suit.
  • Develop workforce planning scenarios, collaborating with related HR functions, initiatives, business units and subsidiaries to identify talent gaps and develop strategies to address organizational current and future workforce needs.
  • Challenge the business units and subsidiaries workforce demands projections based on their business plans in order to generate an accurate and agreed upon workforce plans.
  • Create, communicate and operate an annual and long term range workforce requirements.
  • Direct the development of final SWP plans to rectify the gaps (Shortage & Surplus) in coordination with involved HR functions and lead the implementation.
  • Experience in SWP IT Tools and Technology integration with SAP or similar system.
  • Develop and deliver presentations to HR and business leaders on workforce trends and metrics that impact business outcomes.
  • Must carrying minimum 04 years of full time dedicated experience in Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics and its implementation.
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