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Head of Customer Care

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0258

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(1267 days ago)

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  • Head of Customer Care will be responsible for everything about customer support design to keep high customer satisfaction and achievement of SLAs, coordinate E-care and Live care specialists, ensure high employee satisfaction, low attrition and high productivity.
  • Setting department vision (in cooperation with Head of Engagement) and translating it into actionable targets and objectives.
  • Building and managing Community Management and Support team - defining detailed team structure, roles and responsibilities, selecting people for the team, providing personal development plans and managing day-to-day operations.
  • Ensuring that department’s vision, goals and objectives at all levels are well established, resources are allocated correctly, team is well coordinated and employee KPIs are measurable and significant value to the businesses.
  • Setting rules and policies for communication with community and customers - developing communication manuals for communication with community of customers via different channels including social media, external web pages and chats.
  • Cooperation with Customer journeys team on development of journeys and processes - participation on design of customer journeys; providing feedback from 'real life', ensuring continuous improvement of customer journeys.
  • Handling with customer requests and issues by communicating with them.
  • Cooperation with Digital marketing on development of pro-active engagement and drive distinctive customer experience.
  • Development of concept for performance management and quality insurance; performance and quality management of individual team members; providing feedback and coaching to continuously improve quality.
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