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Competence Engineer


Job ID SNS-0200

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  • Design and implementation of Fortem O3D security solutions, Milestones Xprotect & LPR, Paxton Net.
  • Design and dimensioning of the data center.
  • Design, verification or improvement of technical configurations and execution documents for Indoor and outdoor CCTV video surveillance.
  • Perimeter security system (CCTV, vibration and infrared detection, lighting system, loudspeakers, ...).
  • Anti-intrusion system (inside and outside).
  • Access control system (turnstile, badge reader and associated equipment), and Fire Safety System (SDI + WSIS).
  • Centralized technical management of buildings, operating systems, hyper vision system and UPS.
  • Design and implementation of technical interfaces with other groups of works such as civil engineering, energy, LAN or other low current lots.
  • Technical monitoring during implementation as well as coordination with the other project stakeholders (prime contractors, operators, safety authorities, etc.).
  • Site planning (orders, tasks and resources, technical testing and acceptance of installations).