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Integrated Logistics Support Analyst

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0030

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(2160 days ago)

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  • Liaise with other managers and staff throughout the company to ensure that ILS Principles are adopted and understood.
  • Create ILS Documentation; to meet Project requirements in line with Def Stan 00-600 tailored principles.
  • Collect and analyse ‘real time’ information for ILS / ARM analysis
  • Conduct and report Trend Analysis on current and newly delivered systems
  • Data input into ARM&T models
  • Conduct and manage Ranging and Scaling of spares
  • Production of project reports based on the results of ILS/ARM analysis
  • Close out of outstanding ILS document reviews.
  • Represent the ILS Manager at internal / external meetings
  • Assist in Projects and Engineering support activities
  • Support Sub Contract Management activities.
  • Responsible for establishing Logistics Support Programs, ensuring adequate provision of direct exchange LRU, tools and test equipment, in terms of both range and scale, to maintain system availability requirements.
  • Responsible for ensuring the consideration of logistic support in the design of both equipment and its support system.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the support system elements are compatible with each other and the existing support infrastructure.
  • Responsible for ensuring a Base Depot range of spares is available to replace any defective LRU returned from a site.
  • Responsible for ensuring the critical spares are available at the equipment locations.
  • Ensure Logistic Support solutions satisfy the needs of Company’s Scope of Services (SofS) contract requirements and System requirements.
  • Assist and collaborate with other members of company as a fully co-operative team member.
  • Liaison with Acquisitions and Managed Services organisation on work/task timelines.
  • Maintain an efficient filing system and prioritisation of work.
  • Pro-active both in developing own knowledge and skills, and in developing required outputs.
  • Commensurate with the above duties and responsibilities and as directed/delegated by the ILS Manager
  • Minimum of 5+ years of experience within the military Communications field, ARM&T and ILS analysis based on military standards.
  • Experience with communications systems including, HF, VHF/UHF, Troposcatter, base band equipments, VSAT and Ground Stations.
  • Good presentation, written and oral communication skills
  • Experience in the use of ARM & T Modeling Tools.