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Facilities Manager Telecom Network

Saudi Arabia

Job ID SNS-0004

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(2195 days ago)

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  • Responsible for the planning, control and management of all the building facilities and supporting infrastructure covered under the Managed Services contract with the KSA MofNG Signal Corps.
  • This includes, but is not limited, to management of the physical environment including repairs, working space availability, power, plumbing, HVAC, access, landscaping and adherence to any applicable KSA or UK HSAW policies and regulations.
  • Work with config control to ensure that Site Handbook documentation is maintained and periodically reviewed.
  • Plan and organise work tasks and activities for nationwide facilities management teams.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of the cultural aspects of life in Saudi Arabia.
  • To liaise with the Company's Managed Services Management Team as required.
  • To liaise and present to the SANG Team as required.
  • To liaise and present to the MoD Ops Team as required.
  • To liaise with the Company's Projects Team as required.
  • Prepare and present presentations on the conditions of the SANG estate to the UK MoD and SANG.
  • Assist other team members on adhoc requirements;
  • Monitor and review existing and new buildings and infrastructure maintenance processes and investigate, assess and resolve incidents of non-compliance, escalating where necessary.
  • Use data centre and site management tools to produce management information on power, cooling and space for designated equipment room areas and investigate issues where necessary.
  • Carry out routine audits and checks of maintenance staff to ensure adherence to agreed buildings and supporting infrastructure maintenance activities.
  • Facilitate and schedule mandatory periodical electrical safety testing in accordance with SBC 401, along with associated escalation of any detected issues.
  • Develop and maintain the standards, processes and documentation for the maintenance of data centres and telecom sites. Use data centre management tools to plan, monitor and manage the types of infrastructure installed along with the associated power, space and cooling capabilities, usage.
  • Manage and coordinate periodic meetings with the management team and customer to brief on ongoing maintenance activities and remedial works, with a view to keeping the customer fully informed and managing expectations appropriately.
  • Evaluate any subcontractor or projects proposal related to buildings and supporting infrastructure to provide recommendations on future maintenance activities and ensure value for money solutions are selected and recommended.
  • Ensure that all relevant details related to existing and future buildings and infrastructure are transferred to the Configuration Control department, and that any changes are accurately notified and recorded.
  • Responsible for liaising with Projects departments to follow up on agreed outstanding project deliverable information related to buildings and supporting infrastructure, and ensuring that the information once received is appropriately filed and information updates distributed to the relevant departments.
  • Make recommendations for the ongoing management of the MofNG Signals estate.
  • Follow up on the actions resulting from any Quality Assurance Audit Reports, such that the relevant maintenance departments comply with any actions identified as a result of any audit, and send a final report back to QA once an action has been resolved and closed.
  • Ensure and review extant buildings and facilities HSAW and Fire policies and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Previous experience of having worked in a Facilities or Estate Management role, preferably in the Telecommunications industry, for a minimum of five years.
  • Formal education or Industry Training in Buildings Maintenance Inspections.
  • Formal education or Industry Training in HSAW related activities.
  • Extremely well organised and self motivated
  • Ability to multi-task, show initiative and work to deadlines and priorities.
  • Excellent computing and organisational skills including proficiency in MS Office tools including Excel, Word and Powerpoint.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to respect confidentiality.
  • Must be able to fluently converse in both written and spoken English.
  • Must be able to follow direct instructions and orders from Line Management.
  • Must be able to work additional hours in order to complete working priorities on an occasional basis.
  • Must have a current driving license from country of origin.
  • Have previous experience of having worked in a Managed Services organisation.